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by Nijuuni

I must that is picture of Zuko and Azula is the best of its kind. First I would like to compliment on the colors. From my point of view...

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You know, I see a lot of drawings amazingly done with fantastic graphic, splashing colors and cool used techniques. But you, I see you'...

Sahn and Mariciel by therese678

Truly an original and astonishing entry for the HEART OF LOVE contest. I'd like to start on the vibrant colors. Not only it was a good ...


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(Contains: sexual themes)

Maka enjoyed sex with Jackie. She loved it. But it wasn't comparable with Soul.

As they lips crashed, Soul’s long fingers traveled towards her upper body; it was like every finger’s touched made her lust go tenfold. And he had ten of those. Pleasure erupted from Maka’s slim and attractive body, but she, too, wanted to please this man.

“Wait…” she said seductively.

“What is it?” he whispered.

Maka suddenly took him and hopped on him. She dominated him. He was shirtless and his chest was a glorified piece of work. She bit her lips savoring the sight and soon she’d savor it physically.
She pulled her shirt. Surprise for Soul, she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her breasts, they were not as big as Blair, but they were just the perfect size. Soul didn’t lose anytime lift himself and taste them. His lips sucked on the left one while he squeezed the nipple of the right one. Maka screamed delightfully as her hands dug in his whitish hair. Her hips grinded onto his pulsing sex, and Soul loved it as he kept thrusting back. Her nipples hardened and Soul didn’t miss a chance to taste the other one.

Maka pushed Soul back down. Her eyes of lust aimed for something else now. She leaned down and pulled his pants down. His sex sprung out and stood tall like a tall tower; proud and sturdy. Maka grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. Soul’s head pulled to the back relishing on the feeling it gave him. She loved how he seemed tortured by it. She pulled her shorts down; both of them were naked. Maka pointed her fine ass towards his face; his nose faced her clitoris, while her mouth started on sucking Soul’s rock-hardness. Soul grabbed her buttcheeks firmly and gave it a smack. She moaned while having his dick in her mouth. His tongue stuck out, he ate and lick her pussy like a last meal; with passion and hunger; unrivaled hunger. He played wildly with that clitoris, she sucked harder. It was a challenge for both of them, like who’d be the first one to crack. It seemed the air sang an atmosphere of slurping. But Maka, despite being pleasured to the fullest, she was winning.

“Maka, I’m gonna…!” But it was too late.

Soul unloaded inside Maka’s mouth. Yet the beautiful author held her ground as she swallowed and gulped everything. Maka turned around and lied next to Soul as she wiped the side of the lips. Soul couldn’t stop grinning as this fine piece of heaven he was next with.

It was time for him to be dominating. But for her first time, in a romantic way.

“Soul, I…” she started saying.

“I know, it’s your first time.” He pulled her close to her. “I’ll be gentle.”

“It is my first time, but…” Maka said. “I took the pill.”

“You did…?” Soul seemed surprised.

“I want to feel you completely, Soul. All of you.”

Soul looked her with a passion he never had before. Those eyes of green, he loved cherishing them. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. His heart flamed so burningly when it happened. Never did he felt as such with Blair.

Love and innocence, he recalled her words. Could it be that he finally found those traits in Maka? It could be. Did she love him? Perhaps. You don’t give your virginity to any guy, right?

Soul positioned himself between her legs. He cherished her cheek and looked into her angelic eyes to reassure her. She nodded. Soul gave her one last kiss.

This was it.

Soul slowly slid his sex into her. Maka took a deep breath and took it in. A sharp and quick sting erupted from her. Soul looked at her silently asking to continue if she wanted, she nodded. Soul backed a little to slide in again, this time a delicious moan came from her lips. Soul continued.

The tall length of his rod penetrating Maka into her womanhood was rippled of ecstasy for both of them. Soul kept on pounding on a steady and raw rhythm. Maka adored it as her voice sounded like the one of an angel. She was enslaved by that kind of sex. Her legs wrapped around Soul’s waist, her hands found their way onto his back and decided to use it as a scratching post. The pain occurred was bliss for Soul, but he was no pushover. He retaliated by conquering her neck with his fangs. As if the pleasure of being fucked by a godlike man wasn’t enough, he had to bite her like a vampire to give her even more than she can handle. Oh, and she loved every second of it.

Every thrust she received sent a bolt of sexual satisfaction, and Soul was firing now like a Gatling gun. Her body arc like a moon crescent as she sang songs of pure moans. If she was an angel, this man was truly her demon. And right now, she possessed her with glorious lust, just like she captivated him with her grace and beauty.

Suddenly their hips were thrusting faster and roughed against each other, their sexes was more inclined to embrace each other. And in an instant, both of them screams in symphonic bliss, reaching their climax, their first orgasm shared together. Her first orgasm with a man.

They remained connected for a few minutes, bodies covered with sweats like the amount of water in the oceans. They were beyond exhausted, but smiles covered their lips. The couple shared a salty but delicious kiss before falling into a well-earned sleep.

To be continued.


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I got the news from AnimeNewsNetwork, feel free to read the article there:…

So this is the end of an era. We were all expecting it, but... seeing an actual deadline kind of slap us all in the face... But I'll never forget this wonderful series and will cherish the good things that it taught me.

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